influencer platform

Sefoni provides a platform for social media influencers that enables them to partner with the site and profit from orders by publishing products and offers available on the site.

How to start

Register on the platform

(Registration link)

After registering and sending the information, the account on the site is accepted by the Sefoni team, then you can access the influencer account.

Publication method

To post any link, you must follow the code for the influencer account shown in the image below (You don't need to do this manually, it will be enough to copy it after accessing the platform.)


Where to use the publishing link

You can post the link in the stories of social media apps and ask followers to access it

You can also post the link in the profile page

As for the places or the mode of posting, they are not limited and not limited to a specific feed, but many applications can be used to bring orders such as Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, Snapchat and the rest of the other applications.

Influencer account features

Influencers can track orders coming from their posts

It can be tracked payments from the site to the influencer's bank account

The payment request is made in an easy way and at any time after exceeding 10 $ of the account balance via the button indicated in the image

New Feature

With the latest update of the platform, you can also earn from the orders of other influencers you invite to open an influencer account.

Sefoni is proud to work with distinguished personalities, together to achieve success 🤝